About Us

About the Founder
Heather Watling made the leap to branch out on her own to develop a foster-based and community - supportive rescue. 4Champ is located in Sudbury, Ontario but takes on cases from far and wide. 
4Champ Animal Rescue gets its name from a very special dog to Heather  "Champ" Heather rescues every animal in his honour. 
Amber Delisle

Amber joined the team in 2016 after reaching out about a dog needing rescue. She began working on our fundraising team , then became our First Nations Relations Director in 2017 as she worked on building a relationship with our local First Nations Communities. She worked closely with individuals there to help with cat population control. She fostered many rescued cats over the years while balancing her nursing career. She has since moved down South, but continues to be an active part of the team.

Tessie May

I started with 4Champ as a means to cope with the pandemic in 2020. Little did I know what I was signing up for. These women...these tiny unsuspecting women...became like a crazy little family. Rescue has taught me so much about animal rights and the need for fosters and fundraising. So much more goes into rescue that you can possibly know, then I had any idea. I also run an esthetics business on the Kingsway in collaboration with the Wellness Studio. Since 2020 I have jumped in head first and taken on some of the more difficult dogs and have loved seeing them grow and change.