Available Dogs


Age:  Young                                                     Good with dogs: Unk

Gender:  Female                                             Good with cats: Unk

Breed: Labrador mix                                     Good with kids: Unk



Age: Young                                                      Good with dogs: Unk

Gender:  Pitbull Terrier mix                        Good with cats: Unk

Breed: Labrador mix                                     Good with kids: Unk



Age:  Adult                                                   Good with dogs: Yes

Gender:  Male                                             Good with cats: Yes

Breed: Shepphard X                                  Good with kids: Yes

Looking for someone who can bring Jasper that extra mile. We as a rescue have done all we can however Jasper is a working dog and requires a working home.  High energy Jasper is a dog in a  million.  Two years old, altered and UTD He is crate trained and house trained and is good when left home alone.  This high energy dog is treat and toy motivated. He is 70 lbs of pure muscle and intelligence beyond what I've seen before.   



Age:  Adult

Gender:  Female

Breed:  Rottweiler

Don't let her size or breed fool you. She is a gentle sweetheart loveable and cuddly.   She can be quiet and laid back or ready to participate in life and she likes to tag along with all that's going on.  She likes to explore the outdoors but doesn't wander too far.  She's a strong dog and wants to pull but is excellent on a Halti even though she doesn't like it.  She gets along just fine with other dogs but prefers her human companions. Unclear about cats.   She has some separation anxiety and will watch the door and windows constantly but is not destructive, except for blinds...if they're down. She doesn't even mean to do it.  According to her last foster mom she had some issues with males. After living with my boyfriend and I (proud foster mom) for several weeks and meeting our family, friends, and neighbours, we haven't noticed any issues with men thus far. Treat her like a cat and wait for her to come to you and everything will be peachy keen.  She's a smart dog and a good listener. She knows the basic commands and where she should lie down.  She likes to play dumb though and she needs to have her boundaries set and maintained.  She is lovely and just wants to stay close to her humans! Both her and her stumpy tail are ready to wag their way into your life, home, and heart!!!!

Good with dogs:  YES 

Good with cats:  UNK

  Good with kids:  UNK


Age: Approx 3 years                        Good with dogs: Post birth issues

Gender:  Female                              Good with cats: Yes

Breed: Mastiff Lab X                       Good with kids: Yes

Gayle is a loving soul that recently gave birth to 9 healthy puppies. She is displaying signs of separation anxiety so must be helped with crate training. She does very well with children, cats and had previously done well with other dogs. Post children she is having some issues but we believe those can be helped with training and consistency.



Age: Approx 2 years                        Good with dogs: No

Gender:  Female                              Good with cats: No

Breed: Pyrenees Rottweiler X       Good with kids: No

Cleo is a very pretty girl, but she is BIG! She needs someone who can be home with her lots and can give her the exercise she needs to succeed. Sometimes Cleo can have some guarding issues with food but is getting much better! Because of her size she would do best in a home with no kids, no small dogs or cats. She just needs a trusting hand as she gets stressed out easily. Someone with patience who can give her time to warm up. Cleo would love a calm environment to keep her comfortable but also someone who is active enough to burn her energy.



Age: Senior                                                      Good with dogs: Unk

Gender:  Male                                                 Good with cats: Unk

Breed: Golden Retriever mix                       Good with kids: Unk



Age: Approx 7 years                        Good with dogs: Yes

Gender: Male                                   Good with cats: No

Breed: Sheppard X                          Good with kids: No



Age: Approx 2 years                        Good with dogs: Yes

Gender:  Male                                  Good with cats: No

Breed: Redbone Coonhound X     Good with kids: No

Jonesy is a beautiful boy who loves to be outdoors. He requires someone who is patient and can work with him on his issues. He loves to cuddle when its is time; but does requires room to be able to run. Tied is best as; if he gets loose; he is not easily coaxed back. On inital meet; jonesy must be muzzled as he needs extra security for the first meeting; after approximately 30 seconds; and he decides your friends; the muzzled can be removed. 



Age: Approx 2 years                        Good with dogs: In Training

Gender: Female                                Good with cats: No

Breed: Doggo Argentina  X            Good with kids: No

She is a very sweet girl once you get to know her and she gets to know you. Nikkie does have some things she needs to work on but with time and training we are sure she will be amazing.  We truly believe Nikkie can thrive into a loving confident girl and that her insecurities are getting the best of her. She LOVES to sing to music, her current foster says she steals the spotlight. 



Age: Less than 1 year                            Good with dogs: Unk

Gender: Female                                     Good with cats: Yes

Breed: Husky mix                                 Good with kids: Yes

Athena is 6 months old and super loving.  She is a little timid around new people but she adjusts well and fast! She is a bit nervous around dogs but gets over it once she is comfortable.  She loves to play with cats and is really really good with little humans.  However, she gets bored quickly so requires a lot of attention.  She is a barker when home alone. We think she would fit well with someone who is home more until trained fully.
Ahe will go outside to pee and poo for her treats! She loves treats!!!


Age: Approx 1 Years                         Good with dogs: Yes

Gender: Male                                    Good with cats: Yes

Breed: Rottweiler X                         Good with kids: Unsure

Lewis was found by a contact in Northern Community and he had been attacked by a dog and was left untreated. Upon intaking him he went straight to the vet for care. This lead to debriding the wound and ensuring it doesnt get further infected.


Age: Young                                        Good with dogs: Unk

Gender: Male                                    Good with cats: Unk

Breed: Labrador mix                       Good with kids: Unk

Very loyal and protective of his territory but not at all viscious or aggressive. I had him out where I live without a leash today, just within my yard and he stayed very close to winnie and listened well with alot of response when being asked to come here please,(vien ici sil vous plait) and good boy (bon garçon) when he comes back. He immediately offers kisses when being I love you( je t'aime) -hopefully my french is understandable, Flic is helping me learn a new language! And learning a new one for himself as well!


Age: Adult                                         Good with dogs: Unk

Gender: Male                                    Good with cats: Unk

Breed: Hound mix                           Good with kids: Unk

Medical Hold


Age:  Approx 5 Years                                Good with dogs: Yes

Gender:  Male                                             Good with cats:

Breed:  Boxer X                                          Good with kids: Yes

Behzig is a 9 year old Boxer that was surrendered a little while ago. With his age and breed I knew he was going to have some medical ‘concerns’ but we weren’t expecting this ...

Behzig enjoys running in the yard... like any other dog. One day, he just collapsed. After a few minutes he got up and went back to normal. Turns out Behzig is ‘passing out’. Although we don’t know exactly what is causing this yet, it seems a though he’s suffering some severe cardiomyopathy (possibly boxer cardiomyopathy). On July 23rd Behzig will spend the day going through testing. (Tests are listed below)