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Studies have shown that rescue dogs in foster homes do much better and have a more successful rehoming experience than those in shelter situations. We take our dogs' health and rehabilitation seriously so we only use fosters, not shelters. The more fosters we have, the more lives we can save. If you are interested in fostering with us, please read the requirements below as well as download and read our Foster Care Rules. If you feel that fostering with us would be a good fit, please fill an application form out 


4 Champ Foster Requirements

4 Champ Foster Requirements

○ 4Champ requires all of our fosters to have basic training skills, and a clear
understanding of what the decompression period is, and how important it is
for your dogs success and your safety


○ All 4Champ fosters must live within the Sudbury area, as our vet is in New
Sudbury, and you may be required to take your animal to vet appointments


○ 4Champ offers training for our behavioral cases. You must be willing to meet
within the Sudbury area (Val Caron) for training sessions 1-2 times per week


○ Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

○ All adult members of the household must attend the foster interview.

○ Our dogs come with little to no training. All applicants need to be strong
enough to handle a dog that pulls on leash


○ 4Champ Rescue does not screen for all diseases including, but not limited to,
tick fever and heartworm and makes no health guarantees or warranties.


○ 4Champ does not condone our fosters taking dogs to dog parks. All fosters
that take their dogs to dog parks do so at their own risk and are responsible
(financially or otherwise) for any resulting injuries


○ All fosters must understand that there will be an adjustment period and their
pet may experience behavioral and/or health issues related to the change in 


○ All fosters must have a vehicle and be able and willing to pick up their foster
at a designated pick up point.


○ All fosters must take their foster animal to all vet appointments scheduled by


○ We prefer that applicants have lived at their current address for at least three


○ Because of potential behavior/training concerns, we are very cautious when
placing foster animals in homes with children under the age of five.


○ If applicants have another animal at home, they must introduce the animals
properly to ensure that the transition for both animals will be a smooth


○ Fosters must seek professional assistance from 4Champ rescue if they have
concerns about their foster animal and their behavior.

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