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Pay A Vet Bill


We know that covering a vet bill is a lot to ask of any donor and we hope that by bringing awareness to the cost of caring for our pets will help those who can to reach out. When you pay a vet bill, you will fill out a form that will be sent directly to the financial department in the rescue. They will process the payment through our vet clinic, Lasalle Animal Clinic in Sudbury, ON. It may take up to two business days for a charge to be processed and will show up on your bill as the vet clinic. 

When you pay a vet bill, you will be gifted a limited edition 4Champ T-Shirt and tote bag to show your support out in the public. As well as you will receive a picture and a thank you card signed from the pet who's bill you paid off. So take a look below to see which pet you would like to support! Thank you in advance! 


Bo is a young shepherd mix that was transferred to 4Champ from Texas. When he arrived we discovered how unwell he was. His hips were in poor condition and he was heartworm positive. We did a full round of heartworm treatment and he was still positive. We had to do a second round of heartworm treatment. After that, he was finally cleared! Getting him help for his hips, vaccinated and treated for heartworm cost a total of $2,820.76. Pay here.



Bear is 1/2 of the Grizzly and Bear bonded pair that were transferred in from Tennessee. They were facing euthanasia together so we stepped in and took these senior boys on. After having them for almost a year, they ended up developing really bad skin and ear infections that were resistant to most antibiotics. We even discussed test results with a microbiologist in Florida to get them the best care that they deserve. They are improving, however they are still receiving ongoing treatment. Bear's current vet bill is sitting at $816.08. Pay here

bear and grizz.jpg


Popeye was a cat that was rescued along with 30 other cats in the Washago area in the summer of 2020. He has had a lot of issues including being diabetic, FIV positive, having skin diseases, and had a very bad infection from stomatitis that caused him to require life saving dental surgery. He has had a rough life and due to all his health concerns, he is one of our palliative cats in our care. His current vet bill is $4464.68. Pay here



Glacier was a kitten that was rescued from Sagamok. He was a very sick cat and had quite a few illnesses to overcome. To be honest, we were not sure if he would be able to or not. So we just provided him with medical care and treamtent to make him stronger and comfortable. Good news, he turned around! Eventually he will be ready to find a new home but until then he is being loved in his foster home. His care ended up costing us $2304.44. Pay here.



Grizzly is pt 2. of the Grizzly and Bear duo from Tennessee. He also has severe skin and ear infections and have been receiving ongoing treatment. Grizzly's current vet bill is $1070.40. Pay here

bear and grizz.jpg


Heidi is a dog that was brought to us from a situation where she was bred quite regularly. She has developed tumors which we are going to be testing, however they do have all the signs of being cancerous. She has also had severe hematomas in her ear that we have been treating with medication and regular vet care. Her current vet bill is sitting at $640.45. Pay here



Sierra is another Tennessee transfer who will be living the rest of her life out with her current foster family. She has severe hip degeneration that is unpredictable in it's progress. We have her on medication that helps keep her comfortable. She is also on a special vet diet due to having gastrointestinal issues that commercial food will aggravate. Her total bill is currently $1756.00. Pay here



Kimi was surrendered to us when her owners were forced out of their home and they could not keep her with them. Her owners loved her very much as they had her for 17 years. So to help provide a future for her they surrendered her. She has been treated for urinary crystals and eventually was in renal failure at one point. Between having her on a Hill's prescription urinary diet and giving her supplements, she has been stabilized and will be in our palliative care foster until the end of her life. Her current vet bill is 1796.10. Pay here

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