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Donate Today 

How will my donations be used?

​The donations will be used to pay for our dogs' vet care, daily needs,
training, and any emergency situations that may arise. 


One Time Donation

Our rescue is run on donations and money raised through fundraising events. Every penny helps and we appreciate it more than you know. If you'd like to make a one time donation to us, please click the button below.


Sponsor A Pet Monthly

For about $1 a day, you can pick a dog in our care that you are willing to sponsor. We have plenty of dogs that are in our care long term. Whether they are in palliative care, on medical hold, or just in rehabilitation, any one of them would be lucky to have you sponsor them. Click the button below to learn more


Pay A Vet Bill

We have had many incidents in the past year that have really added up the costs of our vet bill. There are bills that are on the low end, and ones on the higher. If any of the bills are paid off, it will make a world of a difference for our team. 


Growth for Heidi

Heidi continues to do great despite all the challenges and medical issues she has going on. However her ears still bother unless she gets her medication every month. It costs 45$ a month to keep her comfortable and happy

If you’re willing to help and sponsor her medication, please send an etransfer to or Lasalle animal hospital with a note saying it’s for Heidi 🙂


Charity Name:         4 Champ Animal Rescue 

Charity Number:       7211888899RR0001

Charity Status:         Registered

Effective Date:         February 10, 2019

City:                      City of Greater Sudbury

Charity Type:           Animal Rescue

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