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About Us

We don't just save animals, we save people too.

4Champ Animal Rescue is a registered charity rescue located in Hanmer, ON in the Greater Sudbury Area. Established in 2015, Heather Watling, had a dream to save the lives of dogs who are in desperate need of behavioural modification. There was a need for this type of service in her community and she stepped forward to help.

 The rescue is run entirely of volunteers – including the founder and CEO, Heather Watling. There is a board of directors whose job is to execute the daily operations and policies of the rescue as well as making important decisions for it’s future.

4Champ has many areas of focus and this is because we go by the words of our founder, Heather, “we save not only animals, we save people too!” This means that we are involved in many communities, programs, and missions across the province.


What We Do

Our team works closely with local By-Law and Animal Control to help rescue strays and abused animals. We then bring them into an appropriate foster home that will allow them to thrive and grow into the animals they were meant to be. Once they are rehabilitated to a good spot, we then start searching for their furever home where they can safely and happily live out the rest of their lives. To find out more about our previous rescue missions, click here.

We also work with the Safe Haven Program that helps pet parents in crisis situations find temporary housing for their fur babies. People who enter into the Safe Haven Program are usually facing some sort of domestic situation, homelessness, hospitalization and more. To find out more about our involvement with the Safe Haven Program and/or apply, click here.

We also work closely with Northern Reservation Communities to help provide boarding while their pets receive necessary medical care. In some cases, we even help provide transportation and cover most of the costs needed to get their pets here for help. Places like Kashechewan and Attawapiskat do not have access to vet care for things like spay/neuter, vaccinations, or emergency treatment. To learn more about our involvement with the Northern Communities, please click here.

We also take in surrenders. We understand that life happens and to prioritize your pet’s needs, surrender is sometimes the only option available. If you are considering surrendering your animal, please click here.

Our Sponsors

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