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4Champ Animal Rescue is comprised of a board of directors who make ultimate decisions. We have been in operation since 2015; when our founder decided to branch out on her own and ensure the welfare of animals. We are a foster based; community supported rescue located in Sudbury, ON. 

4Champ Animal Rescue is committed to helping animals from unfortunate situations and placing them into foster homes so they have the best second chance possible. We firmly believe that having foster homes instead of cages are vital to learning their character and assessing their issues that may need attention. We are foster-based; and rely heavily on community support to be able to provide the supplies and care that the animals require and deserve. Every adoption fee is also used to provide the care and supplies that our animals require.

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Making A Difference

With great responsibility; comes great expenses. To help with those expenses come lots of fundraising efforts and community support. We would not be able to do what we do without the most amazing supporters. Our supporters are the most vital part of the rescue.

Let us know how you can help!

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We find carefully screened adoptive homes for all of our animals within our care. We always have a cat or dog to suit your family's needs. To be considered for adoption you must first apply; references required.


We have found that many persons have to make the difficult decision to surrender or board their animals when an emergency arises. We at 4Champ Animal Rescue believe that just because you can't provide a shelter for your animal during these emergencies; it doesn't mean you shouldn't or can't own one.

If you need help; just ask. 

We require owners to provide supplies for the length of time your animal is with us. Click the link below to request help.

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“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.” 

Charles de Gaulle